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“Train your employees so they can leave you, treat them so they don’t want to”
Sir Richard Branson

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For your organisation to succeed well, you need to retain and develop a good quality staff team, and that means providing good quality training. My experience in the Business and Charitable sector means I can deliver training that is tailored to what your organisation needs most.

Current training packages

  • Finance

    For Non-Financial Managers.

  • Income and Expenditure

    Managing your income and expenditure well. Budgeting, Cash Flows and Income diversification.

  • Health and Safety requirements

    Health and Safety requirements and good practice for your workplace.

  • Fundraising

    What are the components of a good Fundraising application?

  • Business Planning

    The Why and the How.

  • Collaboration

    Collaboration and Partnership working.

I am a Registered ILM tutor with Oxfordshire Association of Care providers and PTLLS level 4 qualified.

“David supported OSARCC’s Board of Trustees with training in financial process and procedures to ensure our organisation was managing our finances in a robust way, after I had attended a training course with him.

His ability to turn complex information and spreadsheets into something which can be understood without any financial background, and his ability to train in a clear, supportive, and helpful way has had a massive benefit both on my own ability to create and convey information about OSARCC’s financial health to the Trustees, and for them to be able to understand what the information means”

Lisa Ward, Director at Oxfordshire Sexual abuse and Rape Crisis Centre (OSARCC)

Latest News…

“I have known David Bates for approximately 2 years when he worked with OCVA supporting the European Social Fund contracts. His responsibilities included Project Management – supporting the varied, some small and some challenging organisations with keeping accurate, clear and concise records.

He was able to meet deadlines, especially when it came to the end of their contracts and the production of the complicated and mandatory paperwork they had to supply and submit. I found David to be supportive, very conscientious and would and if the opportunity arose would be happy to work alongside him again”

Jackie Bruder, ESF (European Social Fund) Community Grants Manager SE 2011-2015